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Above Ground Pools offer a retreat in your backyard! We have 16 different pools and 11 different sizes to choose from! All of our Above Ground pools are a vinyl liner, which you can choose in store.

Above Ground Pool Kit Option

The pool kit is offered to individuals who purchase new pools with us. In this kit we offer a pump/filter system, maintenance kit, vacuum hose (fit for the pool purchased), 16' pole, wide mouth skimmer and return, start-up chemicals, Ladder or step, 2-way cut off valve, cleaner, and winter cover. For images of these items click the link provided below.

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Just like The Alexander Falls, this swimming pool is beautiful to behold! The Alexander is the ultimate in size and construction design, with each piece manufactured to exacting standards. This pool will transform your backyard into a family entertainment center while complimenting the beauty of your home. The oversized frame, column uprights, and steel bottom rails adds the durability expected of such an iconic pool. Every Alexander is produced in the United States.

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Doughboy offers 11 different above ground pools. They have a select few pool options that can be built in the ground. They offer 4 Steel Pools and 5 Resin pools.

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The Victoria

Blue Cascade brings the Victoria which is a polymer coated heavy gauge steel walls for added support and protection. The Victoria is offered in many different sizes.

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The Matrix

The Matrix is brought to you by Trevi. The Matrix is a hybrid pool meaning the rails, top cap, top track, bottom track, and bottom caps are resin, and the legs are steel. The walls of the Matrix are equipped with 8 different layers for maximum protection making it a salt-friendly pool. The Matrix is offered in a variety of sizes.

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The Pearl

Blue Cascade brings The Pearl which is equipped with resin top rails as well as resin bottom and top covers. The Pearl is available in multiple sizes.

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The Harmony 54"

Blue Cascade brings The Harmony complete with resin legs, top rail, top, and bottom covers. The Harmony is available in multiple sizes.

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Ledge Loungers Please click and review or read our reviews for The Pool House Pentair above ground pool systems are some of the best for your outdoor living experience Pool Season chemcials