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We offer a wide variety of pool chemicals to get your pool open and running all season long. We stock Chlorine tabs and sticks. Powder and Liquid Shock, Algaecides, Clarifier, Salt, Balancers such as Alkalinity and Calcium, Stabilizer, Muriatic Acid, and much more! We also offer pool maintenance supplies such as vacuum heads, poles, curved wall brushes, leaf nets, leaf eaters, vacuum hoses, and more!

Aqua Silk Pool Care System

Aqua Silk is a chlorine free and bromine free system that gives you crystal clear water with a biguanide based sanitizer. This system comes with an oxidizer as well as a powerful algaecide that fights green, black, and mustard algae. Aqua silk will leave your pool water softer and silkier while also being gentle on swimmers, pool liners, and equipment.

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Pool Season

Pool Season chlorinating tablets are 99% pure, 3-inch, 8 oz tabs. These chlorine tablets are slow dissolving with built in chlorine stabilizer to maintain proper chlorine levels in sunlight. For use in automatic chlorinators, floaters, and skimmers.

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Sustain Pool Care System

Sustain Pool Care System is the next best thing in taking care of your pool without using a ton of chlorine. Sustain is a chlorine product but it uses less chlorine than normal chlorine treatment. Sustain is a three part system that will keep your pool cleaner, algae free, and clearer longer. Come in to the store for more information on how to become a Sustain user and all of Sustain's benefits.

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Chlorine System

We offer Chlorine sticks and tabs, as well as granulated and liquid shock. We offer tabs and sticks in 5, 15, 25, and 50 pounds. We offer granulated in 1, 5, 25, and 100 pounds.

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Balancers and Maintenance Chemicals

We offer many different chemicals essential for maintaining clear and smooth water such as algaecide, clarifier, and floc. We also offer balancing chemicals such as Alkalinity, Calcium, Stabilizer, pH Plus and pH Minus.

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Frog Pool Care System

Frog system is a fresh mineral water system that comes with pre-filled cartridges for no mess pool care. The mineral reservoir last typically up to 6 months. The 2 lb bac-pac which is the sanitizer used for this system lasts between 2 to 3 weeks, you can adjust how much sanitizer is released into the pool on the mineral reservoir to fit your specific needs.

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