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Do your kids love to play in the pool? Come in today to see our selection of goggles, dive sticks, water pops, and more!

Dive Sticks

If your kids love playing in the pool and love being underwater, these dive sticks are perfect for being retrieved after they are thrown in. With numbers on the end, they can be used in a game for whoever has the most points wins!

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The torpedo is an underwater, weighted, throw toy that races through the water and makes for a fun and enjoyable game of underwater catch.

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Diving Rings

This classic dive and retrieval game is fun for everyone. The dive rings are weighted and when thrown in the water, the rings stand upright on the pool floor for easy retrieval.

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Aqua Fun Water Pop

Have a fun time splashing around in the pool with this Aqua Fun Water Pop. This water toy is super comfortable for a child to fill and pump to shoot. It gives immense fun during your pool times.

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Emoji Dive Discs

These pool themed emoji dive discs make for a fun game of dive and retrieval. The dive discs are weighted so that the discs sink easily to the bottom of the pool. The bright yellow color and fun faces are easy to spot for retrieval.

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Toss 'N' Splash

The Toss 'N' Splash game test your aiming and throwing skills and includes a floating game and 10 game balls and 9 sore pockets. This makes for a fun and challenging game for the family.

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