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Outdoor patio area by the pool

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We offer two different fireplaces for your outdoor patio. One is an 8 foot, two piece fireplace with a medallion, and the other is a one piece modular fireplace. Your outdoor patio will feel even more like a resort with these beautiful additions.

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Instead of having boring concrete around your pool, add a classy surrounding with pavers that will instantly become an eye catching display to everyone who views your home.

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We offer four different Pergolas. One Pergola is offered in different sizes and each has added features and a three year warranty.

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Top Fires

These products might just be the extra touch you need in your backyard. There is a wide range of products from Burners to Fire and water Bowls, as well as customizeable Scuppers and Spilllways.

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Adirondack Furniture

Poly furniture is a recyclable plastic. It is made to have an exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, warping and other hazards of environmental exposure. Poly furniture retains its vibrant color and is essentially maintenance free. It requires no waterproofing, staining, or other similar recurring maintenance other than occasional washing with soap and water. We offer a variety of styles, sizes, and colors that allows for true customization.

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Plank & Hide Furniture

Plank & Hide brings many different colors and styles of furniture in order to make your patio a dream! We offer four different collections including Grenada, Russell, Adeline, and Pelham. You can purchase pieces from each collection individually or purchase them as a set. For more photos click the link provided below.

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Synthetic Grass

We offer a variety of synthetic grass that can be used to make a new putting green or just add a bit to make your back yard shine.

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Steel Landscape Sculptures

These cute steel additions are the perfect thing to spice up your home or yard. These products range from small flower lights to large palm trees. The artwork is created with weathered steel to prevent rust and weathering.

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