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These chemicals are great to use for your Above Ground or In-Ground pool. These specialty chemicals can aid in the prevention and removal of metal stains and can be used to clean pool coping and top rails or can be used to clean your outdoor furniture.

Clean & Perfect

Clean & Perfect is a unique blend of natural enzymes and surfactants making it the perfect indoor/outdoor cleaner. It cleans even the toughest grease, dirt and grime with ease, yet won't harm any surface. Use on all hard surfaces such as vinyl, pool covers, spa decks, garbage containers, skimmers, outdoor furniture, barbeques, grills, tile floor, and more.

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Thick Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

Thick Tile & Vinyl Cleaner breaks down and removes scale, film, oil, and scum lines. Thick Tile & Vinyl Cleaner is nonabrasive; it reaches down into pores to remove soil. This product can also be used on acrylic surfaces. It helps to remove stubborn scale and dull films at the waterline of the pool or spa.

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A+ Stain Remover

A+ Stain Remover is the ultimate choice for removal of the most difficult stains found in your pool. A+ Stain Remover is highly concentrated triple-strength formula to remove metal (iron, copper, manganese) and organic stains. This product can be used as an overall treatment or can be used as a spot treatment.

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